The Last Action Heroes On The Software Fields

There are software monkeys that believe they are super software gurus. You can recognize them by replicas like “I know the design patterns but I don’t know their names!”. Could you agree to make you surgical operation by a surgeon who doesn’t know the name of the body part which must be operated ? I couldn’t !!! If you think that this is not so big deal what could you say for a replica like “CSS(Cascade Style Sheets) are strong object oriented.” ? Dear software monkeys don’t you think that all technologies or languages which start with C and have any symbols after that are not object oriented. 😉 What will be your reaction to the replica “Silverlight is something like Flash applet.” ? It’s very tough to work with this kind of software animals. Sorry, I couldn’t use the word programmers or developers at all! Now a question to the reader, how many years do you think this software animal has on the software fields? You can’t even imagine,  the response is more than 5 years experience and software engineering education. In most cases these software animals are managers who lead a product development!

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