Metaphor for Software Building :D

Can you imagine a skyscraper to be build without scaffolding ? Now, why do we expect to create a serious software product without unit, integration, and acceptance tests ? ;-) P.S. Please don't forget to put wall-papers on the walls before you deconstruct the scaffolding! It's possible some wall to fall down.

The Last Action Heroes On The Software Fields

There are software monkeys that believe they are super software gurus. You can recognize them by replicas like I know the design patterns but I don't know their names!. Could you agree to make you surgical operation by a surgeon who doesn't know the name of the body part which must be operated ?

Software Quiz for Project Managers

If two managers work by one hour every day on a Microsoft Project Plan(MPP), and after a month the MPP showes that a software developer has more than 600 man/hours in a month work, how many hundred years will take of their team to finish the project ?