Thoughts of the day by Guy Kawasaki

What I learned from Steve Jobs 1. Experts are clueless. 2. Customers cannot tell you what they need. 3. Jump to the next curve. 4. The biggest challenges beget best work. 5. Design counts. 6. Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence. 7. “Value” is different from “price.” 8. A players hire A+

PM’s joke

Q: How many project managers does it take to change a light bulb?  A: That task is not in the WBS. Darkness is part of the

Just-In-Time & Responsive Design Similarity

Last night I took a look Taichi Ohno's book Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production. In the first chapter he explains how he found out the Just-In-Time approach. According to his explanation Just-In-Time approach is reversed pulling system with synchronization by time. Don't you think that responsive design by Kent Beck could be watched