The Mother Programming Language

Today I have to do a test for programming skills for one of our potential clients. There was very interesting questions for short time. For example I had to implement a stack for 3 minutes in any programming language! My observation from this experiment is that you can't say that you know some programming

Metaphor for Software Building :D

Can you imagine a skyscraper to be build without scaffolding ? Now, why do we expect to create a serious software product without unit, integration, and acceptance tests ? ;-) P.S. Please don't forget to put wall-papers on the walls before you deconstruct the scaffolding! It's possible some wall to fall down.

Lean Principle “Eliminate Waste”

Today on one of my conference calls I observed very known situation from my past, and I remembered one example of the lean principle Eliminate Waste. Building the Wrong Thing There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. –Peter

An Interesting Presentation About Technical Debt

Today I take a look one interesting presentation about What is Technical Debt?. It's very horrifying to see scissors in somebody's chest, but it's not  horrifying when IT guys crash a business for million dollars and life of many people just because they are not well prepared to see the creeping

Lean Principle “Never Fix Later!”

More than three years I was trying to transfer the jidoka approach from Toyota Production System into the software practices. Finally I find my translation, it's very simple lean principle Never Fix Later!. Under the word fix I mean wide definition like fix the bug, make the code clean, refactor the code, redesign the