Lean Principle “Never Fix Later!”

More than three years I was trying to transfer the jidoka approach from Toyota Production System into the software practices. Finally I find my translation, it's very simple lean principle Never Fix Later!. Under the word fix I mean wide definition like fix the bug, make the code clean, refactor the code, redesign the

Gettings Things Done in Software Development

Three years ago I have read the book Getting Things Done of David Allen. The time was very interesting with the fact that at this moment I was developing a software for spinal cord surgery operations and I was trying to be in a top state. The advices of this book help me a

The Guerilla Tactics In The Software Development.

There is a very old and famous TV serial in Bulgaria On Every Kilomerter..  It's a film for Bulgarian Guerrillas during The Second World War. I haven't watched this film from more than 20 years! But today when I heard my colleague to mention the word Trac for the 99th time for the last

The Principle of the Software Monk

Recently I thought on 'How can I reduce the bugs to minimum ?' My decision was to execute these steps : 1.  Stop and fix the bug if it is serious or log it for a later inspection . Note : See TPS (Toyota Production System) and why they stop the production line when there is defect. 2. 

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Recently I worked on a server side project. And I noticed this snipet below : public class DBConnection implements Connection { private DBCConnectionPool pool; private Connection conn; public DBCConnection(Connection conn, DBCConnectionPool pool) { } } I was very curious to see the reason for pool

The Principle of The Fire Ball

Let's say Hi to all guys , sorry girls we are talking about software you are excluded from this conversation, which will read my first post. I think that every developer will find something from his experience in this post. Many developers face a problem with their managers. I will try to share my