The New Fashion "Pair Management"

Today I read the post Pair Management(lost article) of Michael Feathers. There is something interesting that wasn't mention in the post. This is the  fact that pair management will reduce the risk in taking decision but this fact  probably must be proof from the researchers in the Management science.  Probably you know that every

Brainware Improvements

Today I read this post Study shows brief meditation helps cognition of Andy Hunt which is very important for every professional software developer. If you have some interests in this area please read  the post, you will like

An interview with Knuth

Recently I read an interview with Donald Knuth. I liked the answer of the question Do you think deep analysis of a problem or a solution to a problem is something that can be taught?. Read it

The reasons for poor software quality

Today I read the Top Five Causes of Poor Software Quality. Don't you think that in some way the root of the problem is clear strategy for technologies, platforms usage, and lack of serious self