Weinberg’s Law of Twins

For a long time I keep this consulting law offline and forgot to share it. But the events from the last month  remember me for this law and the fact that there is no change in one product or company without serious work in the past. Weinberg's Law of Twins : Most of the time,

Rumbling : How to estimate a project ?

Today I start reading Chapter 24 Refactoring of  Code Complete. I noticed this pasage : Coding, debugging, and unit testing consume between 30 to 65 percent of the effort on a typical project, depending on the project's size. I was very surprised to realize that I don't calculate debugging and/or testing into estimates which I

HTML5 and WebSockets Avalanche

Recently, I read two articles regarding HTML5 and WebSockets.  In my opinion these technologies will be the new big wave in web technologies. Today I read this blog and understood that this will be our tools very soon

Rumbling : How to refactor existing code ?

Today I have  worked on my project in Java to make a refactoring of a class named TableUtil. First I decided to refactor it to Factory Method but I found out that TableUtil class depends on many small independent classes. These small classes are not so well implemented and I need of a new

How to become Android Expert ?

That's an old story. You need 3-4 hours reading with practice every day and 10 years experience. But why I am asking this question ? Because you have to start in the right time for the right thing and Android platform ripe for the market. So if I have to say it simply

One Page Can Change Your Life

In September I read a book One Small Step Can Change Your Life (The Kaizen Way) by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. I tried to explain the idea of this book to my friend and I gave him an example if I read one page every day from serious book about Machine Learning for example and increase