Code Complete – Compiler Warning Messages

Children sometimes think that if they close their eyes and can't see you, they've made you go away. This sentence is part of item Compiler Warning Messages but I think it must be had in mind for the way we make our decisions also even we are adults or we think we are

Code Complete – Personal Test Records

Excerpt from Code Complete : In addition to project-level test records, you might find it useful to keep track of your personal test records. These records can include both a checklist of the errors you most commonly make as well as a record of the amount of time you spend writing code,

What impressed me in "Code Complete" !

The results of the TSP and cleanroom projects confirm another version of the General Principle of Software Quality: it's cheaper to build high-quality software than it is to build and fix low-quality software. Productivity for a fully checked-out, 80,000-line cleanroom project was 740 lines of code per work-month. The

The Design of Design

The last book of Frederick P. Brooks The Design of Design: Essays from Computer Scientists has just been released and I have just bought it. I think you will like it too !