Lean Principle “Eliminate Waste”

Today on one of my conference calls I observed very known situation from my past, and I remembered one example of the lean principle Eliminate Waste. Building the Wrong Thing There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. –Peter

An Interesting Presentation About Technical Debt

Today I take a look one interesting presentation about What is Technical Debt?. It's very horrifying to see scissors in somebody's chest, but it's not  horrifying when IT guys crash a business for million dollars and life of many people just because they are not well prepared to see the creeping

Lean Principle “Never Fix Later!”

More than three years I was trying to transfer the jidoka approach from Toyota Production System into the software practices. Finally I find my translation, it's very simple lean principle Never Fix Later!. Under the word fix I mean wide definition like fix the bug, make the code clean, refactor the code, redesign the

Weinberg’s Law of Twins

For a long time I keep this consulting law offline and forgot to share it. But the events from the last month  remember me for this law and the fact that there is no change in one product or company without serious work in the past. Weinberg's Law of Twins : Most of the time,

Observations : The men who talk a lot couldn’t listen !

Today I was listening on a conference call my colleagues and I realized that there are people who can talk a whole day and couldn't say anything reasonable. Also my observations are that  these people even couldn't  listen, and now my question is how to talk with these people ? ;-) Probably we need

Rules of Android Dev Club

First rule of Android dev club: You don't talk about Intents. Second rule of Android dev club: Don't even think about solving complex problems with Intents. Third rule of Android dev club: The global warming, the holocaust and the problem in the middle of a SIP call are not caused by the Undocking Manager. !!! These rules

The Last Action Heroes On The Software Fields

There are software monkeys that believe they are super software gurus. You can recognize them by replicas like I know the design patterns but I don't know their names!. Could you agree to make you surgical operation by a surgeon who doesn't know the name of the body part which must be operated ?

Dear managers don't confuse cows with software developers !

Today I observed a pity situation at work.  A senior developer with 10 years experience in Java Enterprise solution have been tried to be replaced with a trainee. The trainee had to prepare build script for a Java project, without a standard maven directory structure, with Ext GWT, Oracle , etc. The trainee doesn't

The Software Story of the Axe Sharpening

There is a joke for a woodchopper who axes woods with a blunt tool. When the woodchopper was asked why you didn't whet your axe, he answered that he had a lot of work and had to cut a lof ot woods and no time to whet the tool. The last two months I