C++ Heap Corruption Problem

In the last six months I am consulting a company in C++. Today my colleague and I find out a very tricky heap corruption. Below is presented a C++ snapshot with the heap corruption. Can you see the problem ? [cpp]string Core::ntos(unsigned int n){ string ts= ""; if( !n

Testing is developers’ job not testers’

When I started working as a developer, I didn't work with a tester. So I keep thinking that quality and testing of the code is developer's job, and Gojko Adzic presentation confirms my understanding of software development process on some way. Take a look the Gojko Adzic presentation with his QA analysis about Greece

Cohesive Software Design – Observations

This week I have been explaining about cohesion using materials from Prag Pub Magazine and realized something ultra very simple. The definition of cohesion is proximity should follow dependency which make me see that cohesion(proximity) is function of dependency. So cohesion = f(dependency) and if we want to follow Single Responsibility Principle you can

The Mother Programming Language

Today I have to do a test for programming skills for one of our potential clients. There was very interesting questions for short time. For example I had to implement a stack for 3 minutes in any programming language! My observation from this experiment is that you can't say that you know some programming

Metaphor for Software Building :D

Can you imagine a skyscraper to be build without scaffolding ? Now, why do we expect to create a serious software product without unit, integration, and acceptance tests ? ;-) P.S. Please don't forget to put wall-papers on the walls before you deconstruct the scaffolding! It's possible some wall to fall down.