Quality Managment

Today I read an article  “Quality Management Best Practices”.  What I have noticed and consider for very important in this article

  • According to the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, “Data indicate that 60-80% of the cost of software development is in rework”
  • Definition of “quality-driven delivery” which depends on risk exposure , time, and competition with other companies
  • Quality management goal is fast reduction of risk not testing

Best practices for reducing risk

  • Drive testing from requirements
  • Reduce planning overhead with collaborative quality management
  • Prioritize testing according to risk
  • Integrate testing and quality management to improve accuracy and repeatability.
  • Automate reporting to improve efficiency, consistency and decision making.
  • Improve efficiency by applying smart defect management to eliminate duplicates.

If 60-80% of the cost of software development is in rework, I do not think that software quality is accepted from all software engineers.

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