Interesting observation regarding project managment constraints

Yesterday I read an interesting article( regarding different constraints which every project manager should have in mind when he manages a project. According to “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ® Guide) – Fourth Edition” there are 6 constraints for every project (Schdeule, Resource, Scope, Risk, Budget, and Quality). Can you imagine how many possible decisions we have if every constraint has only ten levels of control? Yes, I can imagine they are 1 000 000. This result remember me the history of creator of the chess game who want’s from the king of Persia to put on the first square of the chess board one grain of wheat and after that to multiply by two for every next square until the last 64th square. The result of this operation was that the king would have been the poorest man in his kingdom if he give the wheat. So next time when you consider the best case scenarion have in mind this combinatorial explosion or you would suffer as king of Persia!

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