Hello World in Scala ;-)

Today I made my first experiment with Scala. In my humble opinion this is the new general purpose language for the next 5 years! Don’t ask me why! It’s my observation from the read posts and the fact that most gurus make their little experiments with Scala in the last 5-6 months for example Uncle Bob’s company and Michael Nygard and now here is my first example.

>> HelloWorld.scala

package hello

object HelloWorld extends Application {

println(“Hello, World!”)


My experience with Eclipse 3.5.1 and Scala plugin 2.7.7 final was that  Scala plugin had some problems to create for me HelloWorld Scala Object. It didn’t allow me to edit the HelloWorld.scala file. At the moment I didn’t understand the meaning of object in Scala but I will find out soon. I think that Scala language plugin isn’t so well prepared for production purposes see the posts in http://stackoverflow.com/ . We will see the future of Scala and whether I am right with my prediction! 😉

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