Why do I have to work killingly hard when I know that the product will be deadly born ?

There is a situation when you see that the product you are developing is deadly born. Sometimes the reason is the marketing, sometimes it is the bad management and rarely it is the development process. If you don’t believe me read “Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction” by Steve McConnell. So why do I have to reduce the software development cycle two to three times due to some stupid mistake which is explained in the first serious book for management and marketing ? Why do I have to listen some apologies that the client is vary capricious ? And every time when I ask myself the above questions I reach to the idea that management and marketing are activities for clever people who can foresee their steps no more than 2 week ahead! So my advice is never start thinking to be team leader, project manager, marketing specialists and some kind of manager if you CAN’T foresee four weeks ahead what must be done for your product.

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