Just-In-Time & Responsive Design Similarity

Last night I took a look Taichi Ohno’s book Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production. In the first chapter he explains how he found out the “Just-In-Time” approach. According to his explanation “Just-In-Time” approach is reversed pulling system with synchronization by time. Don’t you think that responsive design by Kent Beck could be watched like “Just-In-Time” approach in reverse order and in time. So if we know the steps through which every design decision must pass then we can revert the steps and pull info on demand and in time. I could say that our pulling approach rely on users demands and we as developers must design our system with the user’s requirements in our head. If I take an example from Steve McConnell when you know that given part of the system will be seriously modified for example UI create a lean layer with the necessary interface with the layer below. On this way we have special layer on whom we expect transformations. Even If I take an example from Implementation Patterns, we should use flexibility principle when we expect future requirement modifications from client side on a given layer.

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