What I've learned from my mistake.

Last week I made a mistake. I confused the meaning of private/public key and their usage in asymmetric  cryptography algorithms.  I understood my mistake and excused to my colleague with whom I talked. So in the first moment when I understood that I did a mistake I was angry on me. But when I got calm I remembered that I could apply the last posted principle of the software monk. So I started thinking why I made this error and what can I do to not repeat it this mistake and even how can I escape problems with confusion of my knowledge? I considered the situation and understood that I change the knowledge domain almost every week. For the last 2 or 3 weeks I had to start implementing code on Python and Java, modify servers implemented on Python and C which I didn’t know very well and so on. This facts hints me that I have to cut these kind of problems to the root. My decision which I found out for me was to start making a brief review of the basic concepts in every new area where I am making new steps or I haven’t work more than a year. Probably this approach will cut my mistakes a lot. According to my colleague Mircho 60 to 70 percents. My experiment will show me what will be the result !

2 thoughts on “What I've learned from my mistake.”

  1. he…, he…
    in the same time better knowledge of given domain will cause problems with your project managers that hasn’t good knowledge on this domain…

    They will take decisions that are against good practices in given domain – just because they hasn’t enough knowledge in the domain, BUT
    as you has this knowledge for you it will be very difficult to agree with their decisions… 😉

    no way… 😉

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