The Principle of the Software Monk

Recently I thought on ‘How can I reduce the bugs to minimum ?’

My decision was to execute these steps :
1.  Stop and fix the bug if it is serious or log it for a later inspection .
Note : See TPS (Toyota Production System) and why they stop the production line when there is defect.
2.  Ask 5 times ‘Why I did this?’ regarding this bug.
Note : I search the root of the problem(bug) I don’t want to fix only the bug. The decision will give us a principle in a lot of situations, not a fix for the bug in a single case.
3. Describe the bug in a file and its decision. If the bug is related with some principle then I fixed the bug perfectly.
Note : It’s very easy to forget the problem, the fix ,or principle which fixes all group of bugs.
4.  Make a revision of your principles and the way you mustn’t do something if you want to reduce the mistakes.  It’s something like reading of the bible. Probably It’s good idea to talk on every teem meeting for the bugs written in the file when you work with a teem with monks.
Note: Item 3 and 4 are practices are taken from the book “TEAM SECRETS OF THE NAVY SEALS’ “
Now I have the perfect practice for the job I do! I reckoned that the time for fixing a bug will be reduced in future a lot. I won’t do bugs in future ! 😀

I know this approach needs from me to be orderly but If you have the best one tell me. 😀

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